Microsoft Internet Explorer Pop-up Fix

You may have experienced problems viewing the parts pop-up windows. When you click on a picture of a part, the description, larger picture, price, and ordering buttons are in a pop-up window shown over the background page. If your "POP-UPS" are turned off in your browser, you will not be able to view these or place an order.  There are some simple adjustments you can make to fix this problem. Just follow the instructions below. Also, it is very important to allow the entire page to load before clicking on any parts link. The pop-up can appear under the background page and will not be visable unless you click on the tab on the task bar at the bottom of the browser. It will show all open pages and pop-ups.


While in Internet Explorer, click on the "TOOLS" tab at the top. In the drop-down box, click on "INTERNET OPTIONS".

In the drop down box, click on the "SECURITY" tab. The click on the "CUSTOM LEVEL" button at the bottom. You will then see the "SECURITY SETTINGS" box. The "POP-UP BLOCKER" can be enabled or disabled here. The click "OK".

Next, click on the "PRIVACY" tab at the top. This gives you access to the "POP-UP BLOCKER" You can turn it on or off here. It you turn it off, you will get all available pop-ups from any site. You can try turning it on and then adjusting the "SETTINGS".

Try setting the filter level to "MEDIUM" as seen to the right. This should allow you to get our parts pop-ups and still block other unwanted ones from other sites. Then click "CLOSE". There is also a box to type in the address of websites to allow. This does not work and blocks our parts pop-ups. After setting the filter level. You may need to restart the browser to get the settings to work. Then, try  to access one of the parts like shown below.

Click on the link below and you should see this UDP parts pop-up appear over the background screen. The you can read the description or order if you wish to.

Click on this image of the UDP to test the browser.

SPI underdrive pulley

You should see this pop-up as shown below.


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