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Vehicle Recall

                                     November 04, 2002

             Ford Motor Has Recalled the 2000
             and 2001 Ford Focus

               (SafetyAlerts) - Ford Motor Co. is reported to
               have recalled the Ford Focus for 2000 and 2001
               model years, covering more than 572,000

               One recall involves a bolt in the front suspension
               assembly that may be loose and cause noise,
               vibration or, in a small number of cases,
               separation of the ball joint, the company is
               reported to have said.

               The other recall involves Focus vehicles with
               Zetec engines in which potential problems with
               battery cable routing could result in smoke, wire
               melting or a fire.

               ``We are serious about improving not just the
               quality of the new Focus, but also the reliability of
               Focus cars from prior model years,'' Sue
               Cischke, vice president for environmental and
               safety engineering, is reported to have said in a
               statement. ``Although these two concerns are
               rare occurrences, they could have safety
               consequences and we want to ensure our
               customers' peace-of-mind.''

               Ford said it will notify customers through the mail
               to bring their vehicles dealers for free repairs.
               The cars being recalled are primarily in the U.S.,
               Ford is reported to have said, although some are
               in Canada, Mexico and other countries.

               For the front suspension recall, technicians will
               inspect the lower control arm hardware and
               tighten, or replace, the affected bolt as

               The battery cable repair involves inspecting and
               re-routing of cables and replacement of the
               cables, if necessary.

               The Focus was introduced with the 2000 model
               year and quickly became the country's
               fifth-best-selling car. It previously has been
               recalled for problems ranging from faulty seat
               latches and windshield wipers to a throttle that
               can stick open.

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